Thursday, 17 January 2013

We the Swift

For some people, a car isn’t just an inanimate object which gets you from point A to B. It isn’t some expensive possession which you are forced to take care of, just because of its price. It is instead, a part of your family, and is an equivalent of your son or brother, for whom you would do everything in your power to protect and take care of. Hence goes the saying, “some people take good care of a car; others treat it like one of the family”. This perfectly describes everything we’re trying to say in the above paragraph.

For such people their car is a companion, they do not need a friend to accompany them on a long drive, the feeling of them sitting in the pilot seat of their car, with all the liberty to tap the accelerator is as good as it gets. They would choose that over a backseat driver trying to give them tips on how they can drive better.

Swift owners are such a breed of people; they are extremely passionate about their car and share a special bond with their vehicle. This is what helps them excel in their everyday life and stand out from the rest of the clutter. Pride, respect, appreciation, honour and love are some of the words a Swift owner would use, to describe his Swift.

Swift owners are a close knit community; they each know that when driving into the sunset, they are all one, all for the Swift and the Swift for all.  In order to commemorate such a group of people, we present to you “We the Swift”, a community of Swift owners who share that special bond with their cars and feel that there is nobody like them. Keep coming back to this space to learn more about the “We the Swift” community. 


  1. to keep my Swift shining as new.:)

  2. Share some tips how we can keep it shining always..:))

  3. Just love driving my swift dezire

  4. It is interesting to note that the newer models like Swift and Dzire have contributed almost as much as the older models like 800 and Omni, which bodes well for Maruti Suzuki future.